Landscaping the latest trends part 2

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This part 2 of 2 blogs is going to provide you with an overview of the latest trends in the landscaping industry and what homeowners are doing in their outdoor spaces.  

Native gardens are having a comeback

There used to be common misconception that planting native trees and shrubs would mean an overgrown, messy weed patch for a front or back yard. But now people are understanding this isn’t the case. Homeowners are now wanting trees and shrubs that suit the landscape, climate and soil types, what better option than natives?

Having a landscape architect can guarantee a well thought out landscape design that can include native species, shrubs and perennials chosen to suit the landscape and climate.

Deck surrounded by a native ferns

Residential construction

Demand for residential landscape construction has risen nationwide due to the unstable property market. It has seen people stay where they are and improve their existing home rather than risk selling and moving. Through this happening more expansive projects are being undertaken than in previous years.

Outdoor Living

The outdoor room concept continues to develop as a fundamental part of New Zealand homes. The outdoor category has followed close on the heel of interior trends with more product options becoming available that have been readily snapped up by consumers. Ten years ago, the concept of an outdoor lounge setting was a foreign concept. The current trends in outdoor living come from a customer desire to move away from the purely functional, towards spaces that they can enjoy.  These are conversation furniture areas, places to relax not just for dining. People traditionally think about dining outside but not the rest of outdoor relaxing. Now we’re seeing a shift in thinking about outdoor spaces.

Have read about outdoor kitchens and why you have one in your backyard here.

Outdoor living area with paving and planting Landscaped by Evergreen

Tree selection

In the nursery industry there has been somewhat of a shift in big tree demand. Recently, with the size of backyards decreasing and homeowners seeking more space for entertainment, especially in residential and new build houses, it has led to a decrease in the sales of large trees.  Instead consumers are looking for medium to small sized trees to fit in courtyards and not take up too much space. If you are after any advice or want to buy a tree contact Evergreen nursery. We’re here to help!

Colours in the garden and structures

People are seeking more colour out of their gardens and structures like fences, pergolas and houses. Having colours that mix well in terms of the house and garden is becoming more popular. Rather than having bland colours, we are seeing more vibrant colours being chosen with painting structures. But in the garden, more subtle ranges are being chosen. Also, having the one colour throughout the whole garden has become a popular option.

Other notable trends

Other notable trends is the edible gardens becoming prevalent.  Consumers also want beautiful and eco-sensitive outdoor spaces, but they’re desperate for it to be manageable over the long term. Outdoor lighting in the garden and outdoor living areas are coming extremely popular and is seen as another way to enhance the landscape.

If any of these trends appealed to you, Evergreen Landscapes have all the tools to meet your wants, needs and make your section look stunning all year round. Trust Evergreen with all things design and landscape construction. We have the expertise and knowledge in the Canterbury region to complete any project you can think off. For more information on our services visit us here or give us a call on 03 3492929. To check out some of our work around Christchurch, look at our Facebook page.

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