Outdoor entertainment for Summer: Four ideas to enhance your Landscape

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Summer’s just around the corner, that means being able to get outside, enjoy the warm weather and host social events outdoors. Unfortunately, your property may not be set up for this and you end up only being able to enjoy your friends outdoor areas. Lucky for you, here are four ideas that can help turn your outdoor space into an entertaining haven.

Outdoor kitchen/bar

This outdoor entertainment option is a must have for hosting outdoor events! You can keep the conversation going by having easy access to food and drinks without having to go back inside. You can even decide to install a pizza oven or a BBQ/grill, so you can cook while entertaining. Nothing beats being able to enjoy the warm weather in your own yard, having a few drinks while tossing some meat on the BBQ. It’s the quintessential kiwi summer! Having a well-designed and thought-out outdoor kitchen can add value to your property too. Contact Evergreen’s expert hardscaping team today to get your outdoor space started.

Outdoor living area with outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven

Outdoor fire-pit

Another option for outdoor entertainment is a fire-pit. A fire-pit is great as it can be used all year unlike a pool where you can only get only use of it for 3-5 months depending where you live. Having a built in fire-pit allows you to have a gathering area perfect for socialising or reading a book next to an open flame. There are many different options available for fire pits too. If you are a keen fire maker and enjoy tending to a fire, then a natural wood burning fire pit is the way to go. Whereas, if you want an easy option with no maintaining or the smell of smoke, then gas is the way to go.


A patio or deck is a great addition to any home. Having one installed in your home allows you to increase the value of your property and add living space to your backyard. You can create an awesome landscaped outdoor space by breaking up the different areas of your backyard. You can build a patio or deck to suit your interests as well. If it’s all about entertaining, then a large deck with outdoor sofas and dining areas is perfect for you! Whereas, if you want an area for relaxing then a patio away from the house with a pergola and greenery growing around or on it may be best for you.


A pool is the ultimate outdoor summer feature. Having one in your backyard is not only a statement feature but is fun for all ages (especially the kids). Pools are great for entertaining and who doesn’t love a pool party? But they are also great for relaxing after a hard day’s work. Although installing one is quite expensive, once again in the long term it adds value to your property.

Other ideas for outdoor entertaining over summer can be adding an outdoor TV and lounge area, great for watching a movie or game. Create an outdoor room! Or even get that lawn looking perfect for some backyard cricket.

At Evergreen we are dedicated to helping you achieve your landscaping dreams. We can help you though the whole process of creating a new outdoor space! We can offer services from initial consultation, through to design and installation of all things landscaping. No matter what you need Evergreen can do it for you! Feel free to call us and see how we can create the prefect outdoor space for summer!

A inspiring landscaping design with stone waterfall fountain