Latest Trends in Landscaping: Part 1

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This part 1 of 2 blogs is going to provide you with an overview of the latest trends in landscaping and what homeowners are doing in their outdoor spaces.

Interior landscaping

One trends in landscaping that is starting to take off, is indoor gardens. Interior plantscaping is making a comeback, and households now are starting to incorporate things like living or green walls, terrarium and indoor planters all around there home. Commercially, landscaping inside interior courtyards is also becoming popular. You can enjoy these interior designs all year round or even shift these gardens outside when summer hits.

Smaller gardens

Recently it has been noticed that gardens are becoming smaller. People are trying to get rid of garden beds or shrink them in order to make room for more lawn and simplify their yard.

When you are looking to design a smaller garden you must spend more time on it. You want to make sure you can still show the focal points of the landscape, be able to mix it with hardscapes, while still being creative and appealing. When designing smaller gardens, the key is to keep the customers wants and needs in mind, and have a good understanding of how the space will be used.

One thought on this trend for smaller yards and gardens is that it may not actually be the homeowner’s choice. Instead it could be the developers who are trying to decrease section size or cut costs on landscaping by adding lawn instead of garden, thus increasing their profit.

Creating gardens that encourage wildlife to come visit

Having wildlife coming to visit your garden is always nice. Listening to the birds chirp or see the butterflies flutter around is great.

The selection of trees that attract birds, flowers and shrubs that attract bees and butterflies is something homeowners are wanting more and more in there garden now. There are now gardens specially designed for bees, called pollinator gardens. We are also seeing gardens providing habitats for local wildlife. If you are after any advice for trees or shurbs that may attract wildlife be sure to contact Evergreen Nursery!


Everyone who has a pet loves them right? Well a trend is starting to appear for landscaping in designing their landscape based on their pet! Dogscaping is becoming more and more popular. When designing landscapes, dogs are now being catered for. People ask questions like can I have a place designed for my dog to go toilet or designing a specific area for dogs to play in.

Manageable maintenance

Homeowners are seeking gardens that can be easily managed and meet there busy day to day lives. No longer are most people wanting to spend 2-3 hours a week in the garden maintaining it. Instead most homeowners now like to spend 2-3 hours a month! It means, that when designing gardens, more thought needs to be taken into plant selection, size of garden, number of plants, selection of other landscaping elements such as rocks, water features and irrigation.

If manageable maintenance of a garden is what you’re seeking, Evergreen would recommend hiring on of our landscape architects.

If any of these trends appealed to you, Evergreen Landscapes have all the tools to meet your wants, needs and make your section look stunning all year round. Trust Evergreen with all things design and landscape construction. We have the expertise and knowledge in the Canterbury region to complete any project you can think off. For more information on our services visit us here or give us a call on 03 3492929. To check out some of our work around Christchurch, look at our Facebook page.