Landscaping inspiration: Why you should consider Installing an irrigation system

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Everyone wants their landscape looking its best at all times. One of the best ways to ensure that your lawn will look good over summer and keep your plants in tip top shape, is to get an irrigation system installed. There are lots of benefits in installing a system and it could be the answer to assisting you in having the best garden and lawns on your street.

irrigation watering lawn and garden

Save water

Lets think about the planet! Especially in summer when water conservation is important. Irrigation systems can be set up to only water your lawns and gardens when needed or at certain times. Furthermore, irrigation systems are designed to only water the areas that are needed and not waste any water over areas do not require water.

Saving time

Manually watering all your plants and lawn can be a massive hassle, especially when you go on holiday. Who’s going to keep your lawn alive? An irrigation system that’s who. Once you have a nice landscaped yard, spending an hour a day watering plants and setting up sprinklers in peak summer might not be a viable option. Contact one of your local irrigation suppliers to see what options you may have for irrigation. We recommended the irrigation warehouse.

Save money

As we say now, time is money, and an irrigation system can save you a lot of time. People think irrigation is expensive, especially after just landscaping your own yard. But in the long term it can actually save you money. If you have pay for water an irrigation system will definitely save you money. You can even set it on for early mornings and late in the evenings, so you are not running up a large power bill.

Having a sprinkler installed can guarantee your plants and lawn will remain perfectly hydrated. But without a system it could mean your beautiful designed garden by Evergreen landscapes lose its beauty because of a lack of water. You could also think about the expense of replacing a dead lawn compared to a small one-off cost of having an irrigation system installed.

Pop up sprinkler on lawn

You can install an irrigation system into your Canterbury garden anytime you want. Here at Evergreen we would recommend looking to incorporate it in the early stages of your landscape design. That way we don’t have to dig up your lawn or garden to install it.

Lawn and garden watering systems in Christchurch are becoming more and more popular. Next time you’re walking around gardens in your neighborhood look for the gardens that have a irrigation system in and see the difference for yourself!

Evergreen Landscapes have all the tools to make your section look stunning all year round, so trust us with all things design and landscape construction. We have the expertise and knowledge in the Canterbury region to complete any project you can think off. For more information on our services visit us here or give us a call on 03 3492929. To check out some of our work around Christchurch, look at our Facebook page.