Spring Landscaping tips and tricks for your home

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Spring has sprung into action! The colder weather is slowly starting to fade, and each day is becoming warmer and brighter. Although, as much as we might appreciate the arrival of the spring weather, nothing needs it more than our outdoor spaces. So, this weeks blog will look to give you a few spring landscaping tips and suggestions to ensure your landscape is looking great!

Christchurch Landscaping in Spring with grass and flowers

Check you irrigation system

With the temperature starting to get hot and your landscape needing water. The start of spring is an excellent time to run your irrigation system and check for any leaks or broken sprinklers. You should also look to check the timing mechanism to make sure this still works as the cold weather can break certain parts.

Give Evergreen’s expert irrigation team a call if you need any help testing or fixing your system.

Spring lawn care

Aeration and dethatch your lawn as necessary. Dethatching and aeration are typically preformed in the spring. Dethatching your lawn alleviates it from contracting diseases and allows the grass to strengthen. Aerating your lawn helps nutrients, water, and oxygen properly enter the soil.

Fill in any bare spots on your lawn. You can use small off cuts of ready lawn, or even a soil and grass seed mixture depending on the size of the spot and your budget. Water well and consistently until the area fills in.

Check your lawn equipment to make sure it works. Clean and replace parts if necessary.

Prune your trees and shrubs

Tidy up your garden and get it ready for the spring growth by trimming your shrubs, hedges, small and large trees, or plants in your yard. Plants and branches can get out of hand if left untouched for too long. At Evergreen we recommended to allow a professional to provide the trimming for you. Our maintenance team are experts, and this work is typically done in accordance to the needs of the given species of plant.

Add new Bark/Mulch to your landscape

Once you’ve cleaned up your garden make sure to lay down a generous layer of new mulch. Adding new mulch helps lock in the moisture and prevents your plants and trees from drying out. It also looks great and deters weeds and other pests to develop in your garden.

Pond surrounded by a path with a braked garden with grasses

Additionally, old mulch can create a layer on your garden beds that can block nutrients and encourage breeding for disease and insects.  You can have a layer between 5-10cms of mulch. Make sure you spread it evenly over the area. For all your landscaping supplies, be sure to contact evergreen and we can sort you out with a great deal!

Touch up Landscaping & Hardscaping

The last step of your spring landscaping should be to tidy up any areas that look older or tired. This can include garden beds, lawn edging, cleaning patios, and any other landscaping or hardscaping features around your property.

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year and can play a huge role in how your property will look over the coming seasons. One last tip for spring could be to start that outdoor project you’ve always wanted. That could be an outdoor living area/kitchen, a new deck, pizza oven or new lawn. Whatever the project, make sure to contact Evergreen, one of our hardscaping or softscaping teams would love to lend a hand.

As landscaping professionals in the Christchurch area, we know just what needs to be done to ensure your landscape looks awesome. Contact us today about getting your landscape ready for spring!