Inspiration for your Landscape: Outdoor Fireplace

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There something about an outdoor fireplace that draws us in. What else beats gazing into a warm flickering flame on a cold night? Imagine relaxing with in a drink in hand after a long days work, sitting in front of fire as a bbq is sizzling in the background, or taking the chill off an early fall evening

Evergreen landscapes in Canterbury have over 30 years’ experience in creating these perfect outdoor settings. Instantly recreate these moments in your backyard with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Outdoor fireplace with a bench and bbq beside on top of paving

Lets first look at the benefits of having an outdoor fire:

Increase the value of your property

Having an outdoor fireplace installed in your landscape can easily increase the value of your home. Should you decide to sell your property it can be one of many features that entice buyers. So, think of the added landscape design feature as an investment which will could pay off generously.

Increase quality family time

With today’s fast paced lifestyle, quality family time is becoming less and less common. Make it an uncomplicated and pleasant experience by having everyone gather around an outdoor fireplace. The whole family will enjoy the new warm space (especially in winter). This will soon become a prime spot for making sharing a hot chocolate, listing to stories, or just simply enjoying each other’s company.

Alternative cooking option

Create a multi-purpose outdoor space perfect for cooking. You can use an outdoor fireplace as a grill, rotisserie, or holder to hang fireplace-friendly pots.

Perfect for all occasions

Whether it’s a large-scale party or just a romantic evening for two, an outdoor fire helps set the scene or can create the perfect backdrop to any social event. An outdoor fire also offers year-round outdoor entertaining. Extend your landscapes use well beyond the warm summer days with an outdoor fireplace. Delight in the cosy sensation only fire can provide in the chilly autumn evenings, and even in the heart of winter.

The two most popular outdoor fires are with a fireplace or an open fire pit.

An outdoor fireplace is a bigger focal point in your outdoor entertainment area. A fireplace can be can be designed to block an ugly view, add privacy, or create a statement in your courtyard. The only downside with this is these take up more space and you can only sit on the one side.

Outdoor fireplace in a courtyard

By contrast, an outdoor fire pit is more casual and less expensive. It can be used as a central statement piece in an entertainment area. By having the pit open it can be difficult to control where smoke drifts and cooking options are more limited.  If you’re having trouble deciding on what option, a qualified Christchurch landscape designer like Evergreen landscapes can help. We offer expert advice to make sure Canterbury homeowners get the best outdoor fire as possible.

Are you ready to enjoy quality time with family and friends well beyond the Spring and Summer seasons? If so make sure to contact the experts at Evergreen landscapes in Christchurch  (03) 349 2929 . Our Landscape design team can help with the planning and ourlandscape construction teams can help with the build. You’ll be enjoying those warm wonderful moments your loved ones in front glowing flames before you know it!

Outdoor Kitchen with bbq bench top and deck