Inspiration for your Landscape: Outdoor Kitchen

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By early august, summer is creeping into minds all over Canterbury. What screams out summer more than entertaining outside on a warm night while watching the sun go down! Well designed outdoor kitchens or BBQ areas aren’t just about the food, more importantly an outdoor kitchen provides social interaction within the garden.

Landscaper Evergreen: Outdoor living area with paving and an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven

There is no question that outdoor kitchens have gained momentous popularity in the last few years. Outdoor kitchen designs are a fun challenge for Evergreen Landscapes; combining the elements that make a great kitchen with the elements that make a great landscape. Evergreen is here to help with some tips to creating that perfect outdoor kitchen to suit your landscape.

Where should the outdoor kitchen be located?

An outdoor kitchen should be located closely to the dining and entertainment area. If you have a deck, a patio, a gazebo or some other outdoor entertainment area, you would probably want to set up the kitchen close by. Cooking a BBQ is such a social event which guests naturally gravitate towards, and it’s just not fair for the poor old cook to feel like a castaway, especially when they are the ones doing all the hard work.

Set realistic priorities

It can be very easy to go over the top with your outdoor kitchens, especially with the vast range of appliances available. Prioritising what is really important in your outdoor kitchen should be done. Do you really need an outdoor fridge/freezer, dishwasher, sink, 8 burner BBQ and a pizza oven? All of these are normally all available just 10 meters away inside! Another problem with having a large outdoor kitchen is that it can take up a lot of space and begin to look out of scale within the garden and landscape.

Often all that’s needed to create a functional outdoor kitchen that gets plenty of use is a BBQ and plenty of bench space. By choosing the appliances that you’ll regularly use, the design will be far more simplified, refined and won’t dominate the space. If the space is not a concern but the budget is tight, as specialists in landscape design in Christchurch, we recommend our clients leave the room for improvements. You don’t have to pour all the money at once into the project.

You get what you pay for

Investing in good quality appliances which were specifically designed for outdoor use is a must. Be mindful of what your outdoor kitchen will have to endure every year. If you live in Christchurch, you need structures and appliances durable enough to make it through the winter frosts, long fall rains, baking summer sun, and blustery wind.

It can be tempting to purchase cheap appliances, but consider these appliances are exposed to the elements and on top of the standard wear & tear of indoor kitchen appliances, outdoor appliances just won’t be cleaned and maintained to the same level.  For the surfaces Natural stone and stainless-steel offer strength and durability you are looking for. Besides, surrounding a hot grill or oven with cool stone is safer than using flammable wood.

Outdoor Living landscaping

Tips for the design so it can complement the 
architecture & style of the home

  • Matching the external bench-top to the internal kitchen.  Make sure you check it is suitable for outdoor use.
  • Use similar materials found elsewhere in the home and garden.
  • Match the colours, If your cabinetry is painted, use a colour found elsewhere in the home.
  • The shape and design of the structure needs to be similar to that of the home, or else it may look like an afterthought.

To conclude an outdoor kitchen which is designed correctly will create a focal point within the garden and provide a practical solution for cooking. They can also create a great social environment and space that can be used just like a living room in winter.  An outdoor kitchen is a serious project that can require a professional like Evergreen Landscapes hardscaping team. If you need help on any stage of the project – feel free to get in touch.