How to Enhance a Small Landscape or Garden

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Have you got a small backyard or outdoor space that you want to turn into a small garden or courtyard area? In Christchurch and New Zealand section sizes are becoming smaller and the outdoor space for gardens is becoming less and less. 

Outdoor living area with paving and planting Landscaped by Evergreen

Here are some tips to help best utilise a small outdoor space.

  • If you have an open area one way to make it feel larger can be to break up the area into small spaces or zones. Creating small spaces such as a small courtyard with a well-placed table and chairs surrounded by border of tall lush shrubs next to a lawn and garden can create the perfect small outdoor entertainment area.
  • One way to enhance your small landscapes area is having diversity. You shouldn’t stick to a couple of variety of plants. Instead look to bring in different choices, textures and heights to the landscape. Have you thought about Dwarf plants? You can now get your favorite large trees in a dwarf form, perfect for a small landscaped section.
  • Vertical Gardens or wall climbers are becoming more and more popular especially in smaller spaces. Using the walls of a courtyard or fence can create a garden out of thin air and can help maximise your space!
  • In small courtyards and gardens another way to make it seem larger can be utilising horizontal space. In small landscapes horizontal space is at a premium. Look for trees and shrubs that grow up and not out. Contact our nursery today to see what we have in stock!
  • Try using different heights. Give your small landscape a lift by adding some raised planters or retaining walls. When looking around the eye will move up and create a visual distraction from the lack of space.
  • Create flow in your garden. Combining paths with open areas gives small landscapes the illusion of having space. Having long vertical lines makes areas appear bigger than they are.
  • Use colours. Place the bright colours in the front of your space. They will catch your attention first and the rest of you small landscape will recede back making the space seem larger.
  • Finally, the use of outdoor lighting. Having outdoor lighting can enhance your landscape and make it seem larger. Vertical lighting draws your eye up, which takes the focus off the small area.

Back garden with paved walkway and tall pots by landscapers

Don’t let a small backyard or outdoor space deter you from landscaping. Think big and use some of these tips listed above and I’m sure when you’re done landscaping you will have an attractive well thought out landscape space!

If you have any questions regarding landscape design or design for a small garden contact Evergreen now. Call us on 027 359 9877

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