Instant Lawn Care

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After Laying:

  • Instant lawn must not dry out before it is well rooted in.
  • Apply sufficient water at night or early morning to last through the heat of the day.
  • Avoid watering in hot sunlight.
  • Avoid having water lying on the surface in hot sunlight (it can literally cook grass).
  • Watch ‘Hot Spots’ areas – eg areas getting reflected heat from walls etc., areas of poor air movement.
  • Sandy or pumice soils demand special care.

After all this don’t be put off – it’s only common sense and what you probably would have done this anyway.

But remember: Newly laid instant lawn needs DAILY attention in hot dry conditions so please don’t disappear for your summer holidays when it has just been laid and expect it to be green and healthy when you get back!


Incorrect mowing can cause problems with newly laid turf. Some hints for you:

  • Don’t mow for one week – But mow in the second week
  • Set mower up (say 2 notches) so that only top third of grass length is cut off
  • Mow high for the first 2-3 mows then reduce gradually to your normal mowing height over the next 2-3 mows.
  • After 3 or 4 mows occasionally rake lawn before mowing in order to lift any coarse horizontal stems which would then be mown off.


Fertilise lawn 10 – 12 weeks after turf has been laid. Apply at 20 gms per sqm of lawn fertiliser.

We recommend using Evergreen Landscapes Ltd to spread the fertiliser if you are unsure as the lawn can be easily ‘burnt’ by the fertiliser if applied incorrectly.