Spacing for Garden Hedging

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ABELIA grand

Hardy evergreen (evg) spreading shrub. Plant 300 – 400mm
Dwarf white Small white flowers in summer.

BAY Plant
500 – 700mm

Sempervirens Traditional box hedge Plant 150 – 200mm
Suffruticosa Slower growing dwarf form Plant 100 – 150mm

CYPRESS LEYLANDII Plant 1 – 1.2 metres

Fast growing evg hedge, flower spring/autumn. Will stand dry cond.
Apple blossom Flowers are apple blossom pink. Medium Plant 300 – 400mm
Fielders White Flowers pink in bud opens to white. Large Plant 400mm
Field Scarlet Bright red flowers. Small. Plant 250 – 300mm

‘Emerald Green’ Plant 150 – 200mm

‘Pukehoe’ and ‘Hidcote’ Plant 250 – 300mm
Dwarf English Plant 150 – 200mm

LONICERA Honeysuckle box
nitida V. fast growing. Suitable for low hedges. Plant 200 – 300mm

Satin Wood

squameum Fast growing erect tree. Plant in well drained soil in sun or partial shade Plant 1 metre

Evg with red young leaves. Likes well
Red robin drained moisture retentive soil. Sun or partial shade. Plant 800mm – 1m

Fast growing and likes sunny free draining. fruticans Grey-green leaves with silvery white stems.
Small pale blue flowers.Plant 250 – 300mm