Inspiration for your Landscape: Paving

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Paving can make an impact and difference on the appearance of just about everything from pool decks to walkways, outdoor dining areas and porches. Arguably they are one of the most practical surfaces and are even low maintenance, perfect for that busy lifestyle everyone seems to living lately.

If done right pavers are seen as elegant and sophisticated, and most assuredly high-end. Choosing the most beautiful, high end material is easy, although it probably isn’t in the budget for many households or businesses. So, it is important to select pavers that fit in your price bracket but also look aesthetically pleasing and blend in with your landscape. Here at Evergreen we have expertise in all areas of landscaping and can come and give advice on your landscape. Contact us here for a free quote or consultation. Otherwise here are some tips below to get your paving look fabulous.

  • Creating an eye catching paved area is best done through utilising contrasting textures. This could include laying a border around the paved area, use pebble lined cobble stones instead of smooth concrete slabs. You can vary the shapes and the colours of pavers to add interest at ground level. It’s best to incorporate the landscape around you to match or contrast against the pavers.
  • You should avoid choosing pavers that have a similar tone or look to your house or landscape space. Instead you can look for an accent, rather than a direct match. A paver that heavily contrasts with the landscape and plant life can also look quite outstanding. If you have a pool in your backyard, choose lighter shades that will heat up less when the sun hits them. Cooler pavers mean happier feet! Evergreen also have a Landscape Design service so contact us if need a design for your paving area.
  • Having different blocks and sizes can allow for different patterns. Whereas if you were seeking something formal and sleek you would go with a single size in a running bond pattern. No walkways, courtyard or outdoor living areas, no matter how attractively built, will ever look its best without plant life. Having some texture and patterns are important elements in any good backyard design. Combing pavers with plants in various sizes and shapes can give you this sense of harmony and balance that you are no doubt seeking. Contact Evergreen Nursery for all your planting needs!

Overall, a great backyard doesn’t need a major investment to really shine. Instead a simple footpath, outdoor living area or courtyard construction and make a huge difference, check out some of the recent paving jobs that Evergreen has completed. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that fits in with your lifestyle!