Green Crop Information

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Green crops are a brilliant way to add natural organic matter to your soil. They are also a great weed suppressant. Although it is tempting to let the seeds flower, you need to dig it back into the soil when the stems are still green and soft to get best results for your garden.

Blue Lupin, Mustard and Grain Mix

  • Provide a balanced green crop as it covers all your garden needs
  • Plant Late summer/autumn
  • 35gm per sqm. Let crop grow for 7-8 weeks.
  • Dig well back into the ground
  • 2 weeks later, re-dig the soil before planting your new vegetables.


Helps prevent wire worm 20gm/sqm. Carry on with crop as above

Blue Lupins

Add nitrogen to the soil 25gm/sqm. Carry on with crop as above