Landscaping Tips: Constructing a Path

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Garden Paths

Garden paths are an ideal way to protect your landscape while allowing others to enjoy your garden. Having a path in your garden or outdoor living area is ideal for directing traffic though your garden and makes the Landscape more accessible and inviting.

Having a path around 1-1.5m wide allows people to use the path without straying into your garden and damaging the plants. Mid-Winter days are ideal for building a path but if using concrete ensure temperatures are adequate for curing.

You can use many different materials for paths, but the key is for it to be durable.  Examples of what a path can be constructed with include: wood, stone, sand, earth, bricks, concrete and pavers. It is best to choose a material that meets your budget, traffic and suits the landscape, home and garden style. Hard landscaping materials such as bricks, concrete pavers,  and stones are all very durable and are best suited in areas that have a high traffic. They also come in many different shapes and sizes so can be suited towards many different landscapes. Other soft materials like wood chip, earth and gravel can be a cheaper option for construction. But these can deteriorate faster and cause a mess with gravel and wood scattering around the yard or can be dusty in dry weather or muddy in the wet.

Evergreen’s hard landscaping team is here to help in the planning, design and building aspect of your garden path. If you have any queries, Evergreen Landscapes would love to hear them and offer our expect advice!


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