Residential Landscape Construction Project: Outdoor dining space

The brief

We were approached by an architectural firm to actualise their plans for an outdoor dining space for a client. The drawings were very precise, and called for a high level of craftsmanship and care – we could tell from the outset that this would be a very involved project, and we couldn’t wait to get started on the challenge! The brief called for an outdoor area to be transformed from it’s original state into a designer outdoor dining and living environment, complete with flush decking and fully-functional outdoor kitchen. The design was intended to achieve a flow-on effect from the dwelling’s internal architecture and feel, creating a comfortable, convenient and practical outdoor living and cooking area.

The process

The physical process of completing the designed work included the following unique points:

  • We liaised with the electrician and the client to install the lighting as drawn by the architects
  • We used purple heart timber for the decking, giving a high quality effect and exceptional longevity
  • We sourced and installed the architect’s choice of plants
  • We personally travelled to the stone quarry in Oxford, hand-selecting the quarry stone for the design to ensure it matched with the existing stonework.
  • We used a jigsaw to cut very closely into the timber, giving the deck a snug fit, keeping it flush against the walls and edges.
  • We gave the planter boxes quality mitred corners, and sanded and oiled every cut we made, using the drop saw for every cut.
  • While we were following the architect’s drawings extremely closely, we added value through creating a timber bench behind the BBQ area, as we believed it would add visual value.

The outcome

The client was very happy with the effect of the design, and the quality of the construction. We ensured all aspects of the build were completed to a high standard, from the joinery and stonework through to the delicate cutting required. We enjoyed the challenge of the project, particularly the attention to detail needed when fitting the deck to the angled walls of the house. This outdoor dining space looks and feels like a 5 star alfresco environment, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

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“Once again, thanks for the lovely tidy job” Gilly, West Melton

“We think you people are fantastic!” Victoria, Merivale

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