June and July in the Garden

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Winter can be the time of the year we reflect and consider changes for our gardens and outdoor spaces.  If you are needing help with inspiration, why not contact our Landscape Architect to give you some landscape design ideas that will suit your lifestyle.

Fruit Trees

  • Apply clean up sprays to fruit trees with copper spray to prevent pests and diseases
  • Prune Apple and Pear trees (pip fruit) but don’t over do it, remember, pruning promotes growth– Tip: Don’t prune apricots, peach or cherry trees these need to be pruned when their leaves are on to prevent infection.

Garden Clean up

  • Spray fruit trees, roses, hydrangeas,  with Champion Copper and Conqueror Oil to prevent pests and diseases
  • Prune Grapevines, kiwifruit
  • Trim/tidy Wisteria, lightly shape/trim hedges
  • Clean up the die back on perennials
  • Pea straw/mulching – Replenish gardens with pea straw to work as a natural weed suppressant.
  • To eradicate moss on trees/shrubs/roses and outdoor furniture/statues etc here is a home made clean up spray as follows – ½ cup bleach to 5 litres of warm water and a dash of detergent (to help it stick).
  • Check irrigation lines to get ready for summer – Fix blockages or leaks

Edible Garden

  • Cover Citrus/frost sensitive plants with frost cloth
  • Clean out your vegetable garden/raised gardens of old dead plants from summer (if you haven’t done it yet) e.g. tomato plants, lettuce etc.  This prevents pests and diseases re infecting spring plantings.
  • Plant your strawberries now for Christmas crops and also berry fruit e.g. raspberries, gooseberries and currents.
  • Harvest the silverbeet, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, parsnip – all of these make a marvelous winter soup
  • Dig in green crops (usually around 8 weeks after planting) Tip:  2 weeks later re-dig the soil before planting vegetable plants
  • Perfect time for planting garlic, shallots, broad beans and onions ready for the summer BBQ season – To make sure you get the variety you are after…. order your potatoes NOW ready for planting in August
  • From mid to late July you can start planting Asparagus – Remember you don’t pick the crop until the second year of growth


  • Rhododendrons and Camellias are an excellent winter plant, remember they prefer part shade/sun positions in the garden
  • Buy winter annuals to brighten your garden e.g. violas, poppies, Polyanthus and Pansy’s
  • Great time to divide perennials


  • Best time for planting trees and shrubs, also bare rooted trees
  • Perfect time to prune deciduous trees such as Robinia Mop Tops, Gledistia, Oak trees
  • Apply Slow Release fertiliser to shrubs in preparation for Spring growth
  • This is the season to move any small trees in your garden if they were planted in an unsuitable space.  Make sure the leaves have all fallen before transplanting.


  • Fertilise roses from around base to about 200 – 300mm from main stem
  • Prune roses – Remember they will flower on last years wood.  Cut off all dead wood back to healthy stems and prune to make the centre of the bush open.  Ensure all cuts are done on 45 deg angle, this prevents stem rot.
  • If you have purchased new roses – plant in sunny, free draining soil incorporating Rose Fertiliser around roots.

Lilies and other Bulbs

  • Plant Christmas lilies and Oriental bulbs
  • You can still plant bulbs like daffodils and tulips – Instead of the garden, why not try hanging baskets or pots?
  • Lift and divide existing lilies/oriental bulbs