December and January Garden Tips

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It is not too late to consider a Landscape Design Gift for your garden or a family member or close friend.  The gift that grows.  Give our Landscape Architect a call to discuss our voucher system.

Holiday Care for your Garden

  • If you have a full vegetable/fruit garden, invite friends etc to enjoy rather than waste
  • Place potted plants in  cool shade behind the house
  • Before you leave on holiday give the garden a good soak before you take off, or make sure the irrigation system is working well and not leaking, or have sprinklers on a timer system and ask neighbours to turn the timer around  if summer is particularly dry
  • Mulch is great for keeping the moisture in, keeping plant roots cool in shady areas, (keeps plants warm in winter months too), prevents erosion and can feed the soil too
  • A good idea to have lawns mown by family/neighbours – makes the property look lived in.


  • Watering systems should be installed to conserve water, trickle irrigation is the most economical
  • Time clocks will avoid over watering
  • If you have automatic irrigation set for early morning e.g. 5am or late evening e.g. after 9pm
  • Refer above for  holiday irritation tips

Gardening and Christmas

  • Christmas Gift Ideas for the keen gardener: Pruners, sprinklers, trowel, weeder, stainless steel spade or fork
  • Gifting a landscape design or 1 hour consultation (landscape advice) could be a wonderful gift for a new home/section owner
  • Your garden can become a shopping mall of gifts from bunches of mixed herbs or fresh flowers to attractively wrapped new potatoes or gift baskets of  mixed vegetables.  Everyone appreciates produce fresh from the garden
  • Harvesting time: Potatoes, peas (sown mid September), beans, lettuce, carrots, spring onions and even some early tomatoes if you found a warm sunny spot in your garden
  • Enjoy the raspberries, strawberries, black currents for desserts and juice

Edible Garden

  • Sow sprouting broccoli and cauliflower etc. mid December for planting out in late January – Beware grey aphid and white butterfly
  • For those who protected their potatoes and other vegetables from the late frosts – start digging up and eating (once flowers start to die off on the potatoes)
  • Keep planting lettuce, spring onions and radish
  • Pick beans every 2 – 3 days, keep watered
  • Once your pumpkin (or melon) vine have 2 – 3 fruit, nip the ends so the growing energy goes into the fruit
  • Tomatoes and corn will be ready late January in a good season or warm site
  • Strawberries, raspberries and cherries are ripening, use netting to protect from the birds having a feast
  • Stop harvesting asparagus in mid December to allow for root reserves for next season – support with stakes and twine


  • Water just enough to keep green, browntop and fescue are fairly drought resistant and survive even if browned off
  • Do not cut lawns too short to keep them from drying out too quickly


  • Plant your summer annuals now and enjoy the bright colours this brings to your garden
  • Dead head/cut down and fertilise to encourage flowering
  • Provide support for Dahlias and Christmas lilies
  • Lavender:  After flowering, cut back about 1/3, but make sure not to cut back to hard mature wood with no re growth potential.


  • Ensure any newly planted trees/shrubs have sufficient water to help get them established
  • Fruit trees need to be sprayed with Bravo to prevent fungal infections


  • Prune to 5 leaf after flowering, watering will encourage flowering
  • Fertilise roses with Evergreen Rose Fertiliser to encourage new growth for  second flowering