Rolleston Playground

We were approached by Kamo Marsh (landscape architects) to construct a new playground at Rolleston Primary School. When we began, there was just the one massive mound of soil on site. (see pictures) We were tasked to transform this and build a playground that included a flying fox, tunnel slide, climbing wall, playing fort, sand pit and a wobbly wood timber structure.

We knew from the outset this was going to be no easy feat. This project took Evergreen over 3 months to complete and incorporated all aspects of Evergreens capabilities (earthworks, carpentry, hard and soft landscaping). The earthworks was a major part of the operation. This included, shaping the existing mound, digging out for foundations and playground structures, placing the Hapuku boulders and shaping the garden and lawn areas. Next was Evergreens expert hard landscapers. They were tasked to construct concrete and timber edgings around the playground, build the playground timber structures, construct a retaining wall, decking, macrocarpa bench seats, and the playground equipment. This work required a high level of detail and the MOE and School were thrilled with the results.

Lastly the soft landscaping. Once all the construction was complete, we handed it over to our soft landscaping team. They we able to spread the softfall mulch, plant the gardens and reinstate the lawn.  Overall, as seen in the photos the playground and all its features look spectacular and we were proud to create such an awesome space for the kids at Rolleston primary school to enjoy.

The key landscape elements for this project were:

  • Insitu Concrete
  • Vertical timber edging
  • Decking
  • Earthworks
  • Building a flying fox
  • Building the playground timber structures
  • Installation of playground equipment
  • Constructing a sand pit
  • Planting and Lawns

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“Once again, thanks for the lovely tidy job” Gilly, West Melton

“We think you people are fantastic!” Victoria, Merivale