OCHT social Housing Development - Brougham Street

Brougham Street Development

The Brougham Street development is the largest build project undertaken by OCHT since its establishment in 2016 and is the largest community housing provider development currently under construction in New Zealand.

There was previously a large social housing complex, called Brougham Village, on the land that was demolished due to earthquake damage.

The development will help achieve the Trust’s goal of providing warm, dry, healthy homes, with units designed to the New Zealand Green Building Council’s Homestar 7 standard. The construction considers safety and longevity of materials. The brick façade was chosen to fit with both residential and industrial buildings in the area.Forever Green were proud to be the landscape contractor who worked with Southbase on this project.

OCHT plans to include amenities such as E-Bikes, green spaces, edible gardens and communal spaces to encourage interaction between tenants and families.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development support this development and the Trust to provide these homes to government for the next 25 years. Future tenants will be taken from the Ministry of Social Development’s Housing Register, which currently includes 800 people needing accommodation in Christchurch.

The planned complex will help the Trust achieve its goal of replacing the 89 social housing homes demolished post-earthquakes.

“This development is a significant investment for the Trust. We have put a great deal of thought into the planning and minimised the build density to accommodate enhanced community amenity. The development will have green spaces, safe areas for children to play and communal garden areas.  Building community through safety and amenity has been the driver of the number of homes on the Brougham Street site,” said OCHT Chief Executive Cate Kearney.